Why You Shouldn’t DIY Building A Deck

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Any DIY home improvement or renovation project comes with some potential downsides. The biggest issues with a DIY project are the quality of workmanship and the safety issues that come with it. Building a deck can be a major project and not something you can get done in a weekend. And unless you’re a near-pro home handy-person or a carpentry savant, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to deliver the same high-quality work that you can expect from a professional. As experts in the field, Oasis Design and Build Inc have written down reasons as to why you shouldn’t DIY building a deck.  

1. Potential safety hazard
There’s more to building a deck than just basic carpentry skills. You may also need to deal with the ground preparation, set the foundation posts, build the support structure and handle some waterproofing and pest-proofing. If you don’t have a huge amount of DIY experience, you could wind up with a deck that’s unstable, needs regular and ongoing repairs, or, in extreme cases, a deck that could collapse and causes serious injury or even death.

2. Extra liability 
If any neighbor or visitor injures themselves while on your deck, you could be held liable. This means that you could potentially have to deal with a lawsuit filed by the victim of the deck injury. You sure do not want to be responsible for the injury or death of a family member or friend. Additionally, you might need to pay extra to get someone to fix up your broken or damaged deck. 

Do things right - Hire a professional 
If the deck is not properly secured to the foundation of the house, it could pull away and collapse. If the proper lumber isn’t used and spaced in accordance with the building code, it could collapse. If proper fasteners or enough fasteners in the correct locations are not used, it could collapse or give way and once again can cause serious injury or death. This is why you should hire a professional.

A reputable professional is trained and not only has experience but a clear understanding of building code. They have all of the correct tools necessary to complete the build and the ability to interpret or design blueprints and build the structure based on exact specifications. Additionally, a permit through the city may be required depending on the height and size of the deck or if it is attached to the house, and a professional will know how to acquire one. Pricing can vary based on the specifications of the project, but a seasoned tradesman can write an accurate estimate prior to the build and discuss how to potentially save building costs by changing the design or using a variety of materials. 

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